In September 2015 after about six weeks of increasing agony in her back Julie finally succumbed and agreed to see the Doctor. She had been convincing herself that the pain was “just a trapped nerve !!”.

Deep down, however, I think that we both knew that it was the Cancer in her spine getting a grip. The deciding moment came when she could neither sit up nor lay down without being in extreme pain.

I immediately deduced with my cunning skills that the time had come for medical intervention. We duly went to see the white coat brigade, who were fantastic ..!!

The cancer had grown around her vertebrae had had started to push into the spinal column, effectively initiating a crush upon the spinal cord.

Now…….If you ever hear the phrase “There is something crushing your spinal cord” I would advise that you sit up (if you can) and start taking notes (or get someone to start scribbling). The reason is that the next part of the conversation involves phrases like:

  • “If we don’t do something” …
  • “You will lose control of your bladder..”
  • “You will lose control of your bowels…”
  • “You will be paralysed from the chest downwards..”
  • “You will die…”

As I was the one taking notes, none of these were standing out as great options, apart from the……. “Let’s do something, strategy  ..!!”.

The “Do something…” options were:

Option 1 – Cut out as much of the cancer as possible that was pressing on the spinal cord. Remove part of the vertebra and replace with titanium plate, rods and screws.

This would not cure or remove the tumour, but would relieve the pressure on the spinal cord. Resulting in ……… being able to pee at will, poo at will, dance at will, and not die.

These were all good outcomes, we decided.

Option 2 – There was no option 2

Very swiftly, Julie was admitted to the “lying in bed” ward of North Manchester Hospital. Where, true to its name, she lay in bed for a week, before being transferred to the Spinal Unit at Salford Royal Hospital for some proper bed lying, and then her operation.

The operation was an unqualified success.

No paralysis and no death.

These are “good” outcomes in the world of Spinal Cancer.

So, those of you who worry about having a heavy cold or worrying about what your neighbour thinks of your lawn. Get a grip.

After the best part of a week in Intensive Care Julie was despatched home to be looked after by yours truly, who quickly donned my nurse’s outfit (Photos available on request, for those feeling a bit pervy – Fees may apply).

After a month of recuperation and scar healing (Julie’s back now having the semblance of a zipper) the big decision came whether to have a 10 Day course of Radiation to target the Cancer and limit any further spread.

For five years Julie has railed against any form of Chemo, Radiation or Anti Cancer Drugs on the Basis that they do more damage than good. This is why we have followed the Holistic and Nutrition Route since 2011.

For whatever reason, probably fatigue and weariness, she agreed to the Radiation Treatment in Novemberish 2015.

This is what happened…

  • Her chest came out in a rash of boils and “stuff” that made the victims of the Bubonic Plague look like pictures of health.
  • It damaged her gullet and made swallowing difficult.
  • She developed a persistent racking cough that lasted a month and was so severe that she gave herself a stomach hernia.
  • She developed two new tumours in her back that stuck through her skin that looked like golf balls had been sewn under her skin. And the scan showed that there were new tumours in her lymph glands and liver.

Was the traditional Radiation Treatment a success?

Was it FUCK .. !!!

The outcome was just as we had feared and predicted, but only worse.

We told the Oncologist and his staff that Julie would have no further NHS treatment and we would sort her out using Alternative Therapy. They accepted this with good grace but STILL tried very hard to push more Chemo and Drugs into the equation.

Did we panic ?

No, actually. Because you have to accept what is the reality of the situation.

We went back to basics AND MORE. We had to up the ante. The Oncologist’s view was that the tumours would get bigger and needed containing by being closely monitored. Our view was that the tumours needed to be reduced and ultimately disappear.

Naïve? Maybe.

Optimistic ? Certainly.

After now some five months of Back to Basics in terms of Nutrition and Supplements plus the addition of:

  • We bought an Infra Red Sauna to get sweaty and get rid of toxins.
  • We changed from Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy once a week to daily Ozone Therapy (One more Oxygen Molecule released)
  • Invested in a Kinesiology session to “straighten things out”.
  • Applied, twice per day, pure unadulterated Frankincense Oil directly to the tumour locations.
  • Also other stuff which I can’t remember, like positive thinking and getting enough sleep blaa blaa…

The situation now after five months is:

  • The Lymph Tumour has appeared to have gone.
  • One Golf Ball Tumour appears to have gone.
  • The other Golf Ball Tumour has shrunk to the size of a pea.
  • We have no idea have the Liver tumour because we don’t have X- Ray vision. But we are optimistic.

This outcome was confirmed by the Oncologist on our last visit.

He didn’t push any more treatment, nor ask what we were doing. He merely said, and I quote.

“Whatever it is you are doing, keep on doing it”.

End of Message

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