Some Health Advice…

Last week we were talking to a friend of ours who said that her Sister in Law was struggling with a long term illness.

Which gave her food for thought.

The reason being that she was coming up to Retirement age, herself, and wanted to be as fit and healthy as possible to enjoy her retirement and not to struggle through, like her Sister in Law has to do.

She asked for some very simple guidance and pointers as to what she should think about and any books to read and so on. Nothing fancy or complicated just a “Starter Pack” of advice.

So, without any long explanations or scientific hullabaloo I jotted down the following list. In no specific order or priority, each being of value.

The main categories being Food, Drink and Supplements.

Have a read, and take on board what you will.




  • Cut out Sugar in all forms that you can, especially white / brown processed sugar.
  • Get into the habit of glancing at labels of everything you buy to assess sugar content to prevent “hidden sugar” creeping into your diet.
  • NEVER have any food or drink with the words “DIET”, “LITE” or “SUGAR FREE” in the titles. They are full of sugar chemical substitutes. Mainly Aspartame and Ace K and the like.
  • NEVER use sweeteners to add to drinks. Aspartame and Ace K are chemical substitutes which are worse than sugar. If you must sweeten drinks then go for Xylotol or Stevia
  • REFERENCE“I Quit Sugar” by Sarah Wilson. 108 Sugar Free recipes plus an 8 week detox program and cookbook.


  • Yeast in bread tends to encourage acidic conditions in your body which may promote yeast / skin infections. Avoid yeast products to feel less bloated.
  • Gluten reactions from wheat tend to increase with age.
  • Cut out as much as possible in all forms. Instead try Ryvitas and Gluten Free “Genius” bread from Tesco etc, flatbreads, crisp-breads – in fact any without yeast (again, read the labels).


  • Wherever possible use ORGANIC produce and eat raw and / or unprocessed foods.
  • Try a shift towards an Alkaline Diet.
  • REFERENCE – “The Alkaline Cure – The Amazing 14 Day Diet and Eating Plan” by Dr Stephen Domenig
  • REFERENCE – “The pH Miracle – Balance your Diet, Reclaim your Health “ by Dr Robert O. Young and Shelly Redford Young. A more scientific explanation of their journey from illness to good health through dietary change with c. 100 pages of Recipe Ideas.
  • PROCESSED FOODS AND PRE – PREPARED MEALS – Eliminate as much as possible from your diet.


Try and eat as much raw and unprocessed food as you can. This does not mean endless salads.

REFERENCE – “Ani’s Raw Food Essentials “ by Ani Phyo . A comprehensive introduction to Raw Food outlining the wheres and whyfors of Raw Cuisine, packed full of recipe ideas.

REFERENCE – Follow Stephanie Jeffs at “The Go To Girl for Raw Food” or follow her on Facebook.

Also –

REFERENCE – “The Medicinal Chef” by Dale Pinnock . 80 Recipes categorised by Health Condition i.e. Skin Problems, Joint and Bone issues, Respiratory Problems,Immune System boosters etc.




Only drink ORGANIC milk to avoid any risk of hormone related residue particularly oestrogen and growth related hormones. Lots of Supermarkets sell it nowadays.


  • Invest in a Juicer and Blender to make Juices and Smoothies.
  • Make Juices on DAILY bases that are 80% Greens and 20% Fruit. Greens are chlorophyll rich and help to detox your body, build red blood cells and flood you with vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • REFERENCE – “The Juice Master” – Jason Vale. More than 100 recipes for Juices and Smoothies, includes a 3 Day Detox program.
  • REFERENCE – “The Funky Fresh Juice Book” – Jason Vale – more of the above


Avoid tap water as it is more likely to be acidic than alkaline plus will probably contain:

  • unwanted chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride
  • pesticide residue
  • hormone residue (particularly oestrogen)
  • heavy metals (aluminium, lead, mercury etc)

So, filter it, use bottled water or add a small amount of Bicarbonate of Soda or a squeeze of lemon as a stop gap measure to alkalise.

Try to drink a minimum of 3 litres per day to stay hydrated.


Need to be tailored to your particular circumstances. However, you should consider the following:

  • Probiotic – for good gut health.
  • Magnesium – essential for enzyme activity, calcium and potassium uptake, nerve transmission, bone formation and metabolism of carbs and minerals.
  • Vitamin D3 and K2 – needed for Calcium and Phosphorus and is essential for strong bones, teeth and growth.
  • CoEnzyme Q10 / Ubiquonol – used for energy production in every cell in your body. Helps to protect against cell damage from free radicals.
  • Vitamin B Complex – Work together to promote healthy nerves. Skin, eyes, hair, liver, muscle tone and cardiovascular function. Also protect against mental disorders, depression and anxiety.

A Quiet Message.

Julie got diagnosed with cancer five years ago and decided to deal with her cancer through what have to be defined as “alternative” therapies.

That is to say, non mainstream National Health Treatments. (Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation and Drugs)

The point about diseases like cancer or losing a leg is that they are non-negotiable. Non-negotiable meaning that you have to do something. It is one of those events which are both life threatening and, or life changing.

Burying your head in sand will not help the situation, or make it go away.

Negotiable illnesses, such as the Flu and so on, can be dealt with by either taking pills and / or going to bed for a few days in the knowledge that it will eventually subside.

So, we had a non-negotiable event on our hands. We had to do something.

Instead of following the party line (Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation and Drugs) we asked ourselves the fundamental question “What caused Julie’s Cancer?”

The logic being that if we could figure out the cause and eliminating it, then it may assist in her long term recovery.

We embarked on an intense period of research and meetings for advice with a whole spectrum of people from Doctors in Harley Street to amateur, but knowledgeable, nutritionists, homeopaths etc.

Indeed, some of the best advice would come from people who had had cancer or were currently dealing with their issues in a similar manner to Julie.

One of the overwhelming pieces of advice was, without a doubt, “Completely eliminate sugar from your diet “ as this not only may fuel cancer but possibly have caused it.

I won’t go into all the other factors that we investigated, but eliminating sugar was so powerful an argument that we implemented it immediately.

Bear in mind, this decision was made some five years ago. Long before the current debate on sugar in diet, most of which currently focus upon obesity, diabetes but not the link to Cancer.

This is very frustrating.

What is even more frustrating is that the medical world has known about this connection for almost a century.

The Potted Science Bit

In the 1920’s a Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that cancerous cells “breathe” differently from healthy cells. In fact he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine twice for his finding in 1931 and 1944, although he was prevented from picking up his second prize as Adolf Hitler had allegedly issued a decree in 1937 which prevented any German national from accepting Nobel Prizes for any discipline.

Specifically, he found that cancer cells get their energy by breaking down large amounts of glucose (sugar) through fermentation. Whereas, normal cells get their energy by “breathing” oxygen.

Ergo, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of oxygen in normal body cells by the fermentation of glucose (sugar).  This change in energy production in your body happens when oxygen levels drop below a certain level and your cell’s “breathing process” is forced to change from using oxygen to fermenting glucose (sugar), thus turning normal cells into cancer cells.

What is worse is that fermentation is about 20 times less efficient than using oxygen and the process creates lactic acid as a by product. The liver then takes up the lactic acid and converts it back into glucose (sugar), which fires back into your body to fuel the cancer cells.

Cutting out sugar seemed a good place to start, based on Dr. Otto Warburg’s findings and subsequent research over the last 70 years.

That is, therefore, precisely what we did.

Systematically cleared our kitchen of all food with sugar on the labels (and any with preservatives and “E” numbers by the way) and started on a sugar free diet for the last five years.

Our first visit to Christies main hospital in Manchester, which is a world renowned Cancer Hospital, involved an eight hour visit to several departments. The work they do is great, but the frustrating part of the visit is that in each department and in each Café / Restaurant the only options for food were either vending machines full of Coca Cola, chocolate, fruit bars, Haribo sweets etc.

At Cristie’s subsidiary dept at Manchester Royal there is a small Café which also sells all things sugary !!

Even at the Hospice where Julie had to go for a few weeks of treatment their Reception area has a rack of sustenance which sells exclusively chocolate and sweets !!

So even in God’s Waiting Room the message has not got through.

It is equivalent to having a free bar giving out vodka at meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Equally frustrating are well meaning Charity Fundraising Events. Inevitably, this involves a gathering of very well meaning people who bake and sell cakes for their local hospice.

Again, I make the analogy – it is akin to making homebrew to sell on behalf of the local AA Meetings.

Finally, I have on my desk, at the moment, three documents that are handed out to Cancer patients in the UK:

  1. “Live a Healthy Life – Cut your Cancer Risk” – Cancer Research UK

This has no mention of sugar and its implications for Cancer.

  1. “Healthy Eating and Cancer” – A MacMillan Document

I quote Page 26 which says:

 “Does Sugar feed Cancer?”

“Sugar in your diet doesn’t directly increase the risk of Cancer, or encourage it to grow. But sugar contains no useful nutrients, apart from energy, and we can get all the energy we need from healthier sources. So it is best to limit the amount of sugar in your diet”

There are equally innocuous statements on pages 28 and 29 about organic foods. (Waste of time – they say) and Anti- Cancer diets (Waste of time – they say)

  1. “The Building Up Diet” – A MacMillan Document

To be fair on page 5 they do say

“Just a small amount of food high in fat, salt and sugar” and “ drinks should mainly be water, tea and coffee (without sugar) or sugar free drinks , colas and squashes.”

Unfortunately, there are no sugar free colas or squashes, and the ones that claim to be sugar free are full of aspartame and the like, which is potentially even more damaging to health than even refined sugar.

The booklet then goes on to list a few recipes which include yummy yummy sugary ingredients.

Fur Fox Sake !!!

I am getting more and more annoyed with myself as I write this missive so I had better sign off.

In conclusion, in my opinion:

  • If you have Cancer – Eliminate sugar from your diet.
  • If you do not want to get Cancer in future – Eliminate sugar from your diet.
  • If you are raising funds for Cancer Charities – Do not sell sugary things.
  • If you run a Café in a Hospice or Cancer Hospital – Do not sell sugary things.
  • If you are a volunteer in a Hospice or Cancer Hospital – Do not sell sugary things.

Over to you…..

End of Message.





What you will need:

  • A winning smile.
  • A kitchen.
  • A skimpy frock.

What you will really need.

  • Several Dates. Not on or or, but the pitted chewy Midjool ones. A teacup full will do.
  • A cupful of Tahini – NOT Tahiti (which is a Pacific Island and difficult to get into a cup) Organic Tahini with no added crap – emulsifiers, preservatives, paint stripper etc.
  • Coconut Oil – Two tablespoons. Careful how you shin up the tree.
  • Sea Salt – Any sea will do.
  • Sesame Seeds or Decimated Coconut to Decorate. Do NOT use White or Gloss Emulsion, unless you are really, really pissed.


  1. Line a baking tin (about 11cm x 17cm) or 12 x 18 inches in proper measurements.
  2. Put the dates, tahini (NOT Tahiti), coconut oil and 1/8th of a teaspoon of salt flakes into a food processor and blend to a thick paste.
  3. Put the mixture into the baking tin and spread and smooth down with a spatula, or something similar.
  4. Decorate the top with either slices of dates, sesame seeds or your decimated coconut.
  5. Freeze for 15 mins or chill in the fridge till firm, about 30 mins. That is the fudge and NOT you.
  6. Slice into squares. Store in the fridge or freezer.
  7. Eat chilled, from frozen is OK.

Just how easy is that ??