Tiffany Writes:

Tiffany Writes:

Stuart, I have just read your MARVELOUS  article “Statin the Obvious” and the headline reminded me of my life long struggle with Dyslexia. Why, only last night after Dance Class I popped into Eastbourne’s top Butchers Shop. It was sooooo embarrassing, with my Dyslexia. I got mixed up with Organic and Orgasmic. !!! Stuart, it was so easy to do with all those sausages in view.

Maybe you could come to Eastbourne and help me to learn the difference. I would so appreciate it.

Stuart writes:

No. I will not. Buy a Dictionary !!

One thought on “Tiffany Writes:

  1. Tiffany – dyslexia should not stop you choosing the sausage if your choice. As you well know, Stuart owns the encyclopaedic “sausages of the North” reference book. Please see page 154 plate 3. I’m sure you will be amused.


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