This is how Julie and I deal with keeping our immune system as good as possible. It might not be perfect, but it is what we have learnt and currently practice.

Without further ado ..

Here are a few broad pointers…

  1. Sort your Liver out.

The Liver is your organ of detoxification and is like your septic tank. If it is not kept clear then it can becomes toxic. Imagine an overflowing or blocked septic tank. This image is far from good.

  • Your liver is clogged up with fats and cholesterol, anyway.
  • It may house dead bacteria, microbes and parasites
  • Any cholesterol can collect around dead cells and form gallstones. You could have thousands of these stones most of which are no more than grains of sand. However, they block the bile ducts. This means that your liver cannot excrete your toxins into your waste system properly.
  • When people have cancer there is lots of lactic acid from the cancer cells. What’s more all the drugs from steroids, chemo and action of radiation must be detoxified. So a healthy liver is a must to cope with this bombardment.

You need to:

Strengthen your Liver – We take milk thistle, magnesium, curcumin and Vitamin K2. I believe Dandelion extract is also great liver strengtheners, but have yet to try this out.

Clean your Liver – Detox with olive oil and Epsom salts and prepare to stay near your bathroom, with a good book to hand.

Dilate the Liver’s Bile ducts – this helps to get rid of toxins more easily. The best way for this is a series of coffee enemas. Julie does this on a daily basis, but I have yet to try these delights as I have an in-built defence mechanism to having things shoved up my anus.


  1. Exercise your Lymph

The other major way that your body gets rid of toxins is through your lymph system. It is essential that you keep this system moving as it really does not have a “pump” as such.

It is really up to you to move your lymph’s every day. The absolutely best way to do this is by “rebounding” on one of those small trampolines. Five to ten minutes per day will do it.

Other than that, half an hour of light exercise such as Yoga, Tai Chi or swimming will move the lymph in your thoracic duct. The ones near the armpits.

If push comes to shove, then failing your arms around like a windmill for a few minutes per day will not do any harm. You will look a bit like you’re in the “Care in the Community” programme, so do it in the bedroom or bathroom and not on the bus or in the middle of a Board Meeting.

Exercise improves your immune system. As well as getting the lymph to take away toxins from your cells, it oxygenates the blood, strengthens your body and releases endorphins which give you the “feel good” factor.

More importantly, it starts to dissolve your visceral fat. That is to say, the fat that you cannot see, but is the fat that surrounds your internal organs that hold onto the toxins that you need to get rid of.

Half an hour of moderate exercise EVERY day will suffice to get this part of your life together. Needless to say, the more exercise you do, the better you will feel.

Finally, laughter boosts the immune system and moves your lymph so keep a bank of your best loved sitcoms and have a blast, or get someone to tickle you at regular intervals.

  1. Food

For us, this is the key to getting your immune system in tip top form. There are probably now millions of web pages dedicated to food, nutrition and recipes.

With that in mind, here are our general, but ESSENTIAL general principles to which we rigidly adhere.

  • No sugar – read the labels
  • No dairy – use rice milk or Kefir
  • Water – distilled only
  • Kombucha – Glass every morning
  • Gluten Free
  • Carbohydrates – none
  • Raw Vegetables and Fruit
  • Juicing – See Jason Vale books to start with. Even though he is a bit of a knobhead.
  • Grains – none
  • Organic fruit, nuts, seeds vegetables and meat

Fruit and vegetables provide more antioxidants than any supplement, especially if they are ORGANIC and RAW.

We have, as a minimum, some of the following good natural ORGANIC foods for everyday basic antioxidants from each category.

For example, 4 tablespoons of sunflower seeds covers our Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium for the day. Easy, no excuse!!

Vitamin E 2 x tblspoons sunflower seeds
  20 x  Almonds
Vitamin C 1 x large red pepper
  100gms broccoli
  1 x large orange
Beta – Carotene 1 cup carrot juice
  I x sweet potato
  5 x dried apricots
Zinc 4 x tblspoons sunflower seeds
Selenium 4 x cracked brazil nuts
  2 x tblspoons sunflower seeds
  1 x free range egg
  1 x chicken breast
Lycopene Tomatoes – as many as you like




We live on the outskirts of Manchester in the North of England, which is excellent if you like being cold, damp and miserable.

However, sunshine can boost your immune system because it causes the production of Vitamin D from cholesterol under your skin.

Unless you are one of the lucky bar stewards who live in the South of France, on the Algarve or in the Canaries, you are unlikely to get your hour of direct sunshine every day.

So, for the unloved and unwashed like me and you, there is no point loitering under orange glow street lamps or looking longingly at pictures of the Caribbean for that sunshine input.

There is no better alternative than getting a Vitamin D3 supplement. Not Vitamin D1 nor Vitamin D2, but Vitamin D3, at a dosage of 1,000 to 5,000 IU’s per day (IU is International Unit, the dosage per capsule will be on the label)

As an added bonus, if you also take a supplement of Vitamin K2, then this will help the Vitamin D3 to “activate” your T-cells so that they can attack any rogue cells in your body.



It is essential to have good gut bacteria as the foundation of a strong immune system.

The are many probiotics on the market and you can be blinded by science and terminology such as  Lapidio berfidiculi, Ver-i ridiculorus blah, blah

We have nailed our colours to one called “Prescript-Assist”. The tipping point that made us decide was the extent of the testing before the launch of the probiotic product.



In addition to the above, I take a few supplements every day.

The upshot is that I have not been sick for one day in the last four years. Prior to that I had the usual cycle of colds, flu, migraines headaches and a persistent chronic sinus problem.

All gone !!

In brief they are :

  • Magnesium and Zinc
  • Magnesium Oil Spray
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Vitamin B3 – Niacin (Flushing type)
  • Lithium Orotate
  • Milk Thistle

I am just a normal bloke trying to keep healthy. In Julie’s case, she has Cancer and so takes a lot more supplements directly focussed on getting a SUPER IMMUNE system, Supplements such as Pancreatic Enzymes, Omega 3 and 6, resveratrol, curcumin together with other esoteric concoctions which I won’t go into here.

Obviously, you would have to tailor specific additions to suit your personal health / immune system circumstances.

  1. Eagles and Turkeys

A colleague of mine once said to me a few years ago, during a particularly difficult business problem, and, I quote:

“How can you soar like an Eagle, when you are surrounded by Turkeys?”

I am sure that the ornithologically pedantic out there will realise that in all probability, in the wild, Eagles won’t give two hoots about Turkeys. (Leave that to the Owls)

The point that he was making is that you should cut out of your life all the things and people that are holding you back, making you feel guilty, stressed or just plain uncomfortable.

Let them go … They will soon find someone else to annoy.

This in itself will make you feel a whole lot better about life.

I’ve said enough.

End of Message



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