DMSO -Miracle Stuff


There’s a compound called DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), that has the power to relieve pain, diminish swelling, reduce inflammation, encourage healing, restore normal cell function — and eliminate scar tissue.

Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), a simple by-product of the wood industry, is the compound that even doctors are calling a “wonderful medical miracle.” It was first synthesized by Russian scientist Alexander Zaytzeff in 1866. But it wasn’t until after World War II that chemists began to discover that DMSO could dissolve almost anything and carry any dissolved substances along with it.

DMSO’s medicinal properties came to light in 1961 when Dr. Stanley Jacob, head of the organ transplant program at Oregon Health Sciences University investigated DMSO’s potential as a preservative for organs, he discovered that it had the ability to penetrate the skin quickly and deeply — without damaging the skin.

Indeed, it has been observed that if someone were to apply a small amount of the DMSO liquid on the sole of their foot, it would penetrate through the skin and all other material in the body with extreme speed that they would “taste” the DMSO in their mouth almost instantly.

Dimethyl sulfoxide is said to be more “liquid” than water and has been shown to penetrate areas in the body that nothing else can reach as fast. Because it moves rapidly through cell membranes, it has been called “water’s alter ego.” It changes the water structure within the cell, increases cellular permeability, and accelerates the living processes of the cell … thereby allowing healing to occur at unprecedented speed.

DMSO uses include:

  • relieve pain and swelling
    • relax muscles
    • relieve arthritis
    • improve blood supply
    • slow the growth of bacteria.

In an article entitled “DMSO As a Solvent,” Dr. Ron Kennedy states, “It relieves the pain of sprains and even of broken bones. It enhances the effectiveness of other pharmacological agents. If you apply DMSO to a bruise, the bruise dissolves and disappears in a matter of minutes! If you apply it to the jaw after wisdom tooth removal, all pain and swelling is prevented! The pain of acute gout can be handled with the application of 5 cc of seventy percent DMSO in water four times each day. Application to a fever blister results in rapid resolution of this problem. DMSO also relieves the pain of minor burns and if applied soon after the burn happens, will decrease the tissue damage suffered.

DMSO speeds all healing, approximately doubling or tripling all healing responses.”

In addition to providing great relief for sufferers of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, burns, sprains, back and neck problems, DMSO also delivers antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects.

  • If administered intravenously within 90 minutes of a stroke, it prevents permanent damage to the central nervous system.
    • When applied topically, repeatedly, it flattens a raised scar. It also prevents the contraction of scar tissue that accompanies burns.
    • Studies show that it protects against the tissue damage induced by radioactivity.
    • It is used as an excellent antifreeze, preventing tissue damage ordinarily caused by freezing conditions.
    • It minimizes the swelling of the brain and spinal cord following traumatic injury.

In 1972, the painkilling ability of DMSO attracted media attention when Dr. Jacob administered it to US Governor George Wallace. Wallace had been wounded in an assassination attempt while campaigning for the Democratic nomination for President. As a result, he was wheelchair-bound and afflicted with pain. His pain reportedly disappeared after applying DMSO daily over the affected area.

Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) has been used most widely as a topical analgesic, in a solution consisting of 70% DMSO and 30% water. Laboratory studies show that DMSO cuts pain by blocking peripheral nerve fibres. Relief from the pain of burns, cuts, and sprains has been reported to be almost immediate, lasting up to 6 hours.

DMSO is also widely used in sports medicine. Professional sports organizations, in particular, use it to get their athletes recovered from injury and back on the playing field rapidly

Despite overwhelming evidence pointing to DMSO’s therapeutic benefits, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) refuses to approve the use or prescription of DMSO for anything other than the treatment of a bladder condition called interstitial cystitis. That’s in spite of the fact that DMSO is known to be safer than aspirin.

Legally, dimethyl sulfoxide is sold commercially only as a solvent. However, that hasn’t stopped osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis sufferers from using it with regularity, often at the recommendation of fellow arthritis sufferers. Only medical grade — never industrial grade — should be used on the human body.

DMSO – Simply Put

  • DMSO is a simple small molecule with amazing chemical, physical and biological characteristics.
  • Hydroxyl radicals (OH) are throughout the body and are highly injurious to health. DMSO combines with, and neutralises these biological time bombs which can literally explode individual cells. DMSO combines with the hydroxyl free radicals, adds water, which are then excretes through the kidneys in the urine.
  • DMSO is a free radical scavenger and is useful in the treatment of many conditions such as cancer, arthritis and arteriosclerosis.
  • DMSO substitutes for water in the living cell and, because of this property can heal the sick cell by destroying free radicals within the cell.
  • DMSO increases the permeability of cell membranes allowing a flushing of toxins from the cell.
  • Allergic reactions are decreased by DMSO which increases the body’s resistance to infection.


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